Belavia news

20 July 2011

The Belavia and the Etihad have made an electronic agreement of interline

Starting from the 18 of July of 2011 there have taken effect the agreement on mutual recognition of electronic traffic documents (electronic tickets) signed between the National Airline “Belavia” and national air carrier of United Arab Emirates the airline Etihad Airways.

The signing of the electronic agreement of interline between the Belavia and the Etihad Airways will make it possible for the air carriers to sell mutual transportations for the flights of each other on a single electronic ticket. Before that the execution of mutual transportations was possible only by making out a paper ticket the application of which by airlines is not a common practice nowadays.

The electronic ticket has a lot of advantages in comparison with the paper ticket especially for businessmen who tend to save time. With introduction of the electronic air ticket technology it is not necessary to go to the booking office in order to buy a ticket or get to the airport in advance in order to make it out before the departure. In addition the ticket is stored in electronic form and it is impossible to forget or to loose it, and the registration with such ticket is simple and does not take a lot of time.

Today electronic ticket is successfully applied at all the regular routes and at the majority of charter flights of the Belavia. The National Airline “Belavia” has signed 23 agreements of interline with the foreign partners on recognition of electronic ticket.

Nowadays it is the most convenient form of buying air tickets for the passengers, and this form is applied by all the leading airlines of the world.

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