Belavia news

26 July 2011

The national air company Belavia has signed agreement with Belgian Railways.

The national air carrier Belavia has signed a unilateral Interline Agreement with the Belgian Railways. This Agreement allows passengers flying from Minsk to Amsterdam to reach Brussels or Antwerp in very short time. Passengers can now buy a single Belavia electronic ticket, and they just need to show its printed version at the railway ticket office at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol where they will receive a train ticket valid for travel to any Belgian station. A high speed train of NS Hispeed will take them to Antwerp or Brussels where they can board any train of the Belgian Railways and travel within Belgium without having to buy an additional railway ticket.

Belavia e-ticket allows passengers to take the train on the day of arrival from Minsk to Amsterdam, and when travelling from Belgium they can board the train even 24 hours prior to departure of the flight Amsterdam-Minsk.

“There exists a certain demand for transporting passengers from Minsk to Belgium, while direct flights are not available, so a decision was taken to sign the Agreement. It is not the first experience of such cooperation for the company. The Interline Agreement with the German Federal Railway “Deutsche Bahn” has been in force for many years and proved to be rather successful. It allows our passengers to travel by train throughout the entire territory of Germany without buying an additional railway ticket on arrival to Frankfurt, Berlin and Hannover from Minsk”, Mr. Anatoly Gusarov, Director General of the RUE National Air Company Belavia, said.

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