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09 December 2011

“My first flight…” – the winning work of the children's drawing contest “A waking flight. We fly with Belavia”

After long discussions the winning work of the contest “A waking flight. We fly with Belavia” has been chosen. The contest work “My first flight …” by Marta Podosinovik (13 years old) has come out on top.
The winner’s drawing will be placed in a pocket calendar of the Representative Office of the National Airline “Belavia” in Benelux countries. Also until September 2012 the winner with 2 adults will be able to travel on Minsk – Amsterdam – Minsk route with a 50% discount.
The two works collected maximum viewer’s votes in the group of National Airline will be granted a 10% discount for the flight on Minsk – Amsterdam route. The authors – seven-year-old Lusia Rodriges for the “Cheerful fancy” drawing and ten-year-old Nikita Nareyko, the “Belavia” drawing.
As 220 works from different cities of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine have been sent for the contest, the decision was made to grant the following works with a special prize – exclusive “Belavia” airplane models:
-    “Nice and comfortable on board of “Belavia” Airline airplanes” by Valeria Merkulova, 10 years old;
-    “Emblem of Belavia” by Emili Pugacheva, 11 years old;
-    “Towards the sky!” by Natalya Burshtyn, 13 years old;
-    “We fly with Belavia!” by Evgeniya Sushiy, 13 years old;
-    “And we fly, fly to the faraway lands…” by Anastasia Zabelina, 11 years old;
-    “Speed. Flight. Joy” by Vladislav Alekseevets, 7 years old;
-    “Congratulations to Belavia” by Polina Shibanova, 11 years old;
-    “All world with Belavia” by Elizaveta Beliayeva, 9 years old;
-    “Autumn flight” by Diana Novosha, 10 years old;
-    “Over the sea in the sky” by Alla Machulko, 11 years old;
-    “And we fly, fly ….” by Veronika Chuvak, 14 years old;
-    “Pilot of Belavia” by Katya Lobakhina, 9 years old;
-    “The airplane” by Maya Pugacheva, 10 years old;
-    “We fly with Belavia” by Olya Dubneva, 11 years old;
-    “Flight to a Fairy-tale” by Alina Yurshevich, 7 years old;
-    “The airplane of dream and joy” by Vladislav Alekseevets, 7 years old;
-    “Belavia” by Anna Kratko, 10 years old;
-    “At the aerodrome of “Belavia” Airline” by Sofiya Kazhekina, 8 years old;
-    “To the far-away lands” by Marina Kovshova, 5 years old;
-    “ Homecoming. Warm rain!” by Nastya Bykova, 11 years old;
-    “A funny trip” by Irina Drozd, 6 years old;
-    “The airplane” by Semen Drozd, 5 months old;
-    “ Night sky” by Yulya Dragan, 8 years old;     
-    “I’m flying with “Belavia” by Tartak Beatris, 12 years old;
-    “There’s the motherland under a wing of an airplane” by Danila Yurshevich, 9 years old.
As it was mentioned above, all participants will get souvenirs of the National Airline “Belavia”.
The Headquarters and the Representative Office of “Belavia” Airline in Benelux countries will be decorated with the contest drawings, and an exhibition is planned for the Children’s Day.
The participants whogot a discount for Minsk-Amsterdam-Minsk trip as a present shall contact Nikolay Tananayko: (+31) 207 997 757,
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