Belavia news

28 November 2012

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines and Airline Severstal have signed the interline agreement.

The bilateral interline agreement between Belavia - Belarusian Airlines and Airline Severstal comes into force from November 28, 2012.
The interline agreement grants the right to document air carriage on the airline-partner routes on letterheads of the airline.
The advantages for a passenger as follows:
• single ticketing for entire route, independent of the number of carriers;
• passengers get an opportunity to use most convenient connections with flights of airlines-parties to the agreement.
From November 16, 2012, Airline Severstal has been appointed a regular carrier for Cherepovets – Minsk – Cherepovets airline; in connection therewith, air tickets for the flights are available for sale.
The flights will start from December 24, 2012.
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