Belavia news

17 October 2014

New directions for "Color Therapy" with Belavia!

"Color therapy" with Belavia continues in yellow! Psychologists believe that yellow is the color of joy! What could deliver more fun than tasty food? We suggest you to explore the cheese traditions of different countries!

As part of the Yellow Cheese Week from 20 to 24 October you can buy via Internet the round-trip tickets with departure from Minsk to Stockholm – € 129, Nice, Geneva, Amsterdam, Frankfurt – € 199 (airport taxes and fees are included)!

The trip may commence until March 27, 2015. You can buy the tickets only on the airline-site The special offer for the Christmas period (24.12.2014 – 13.01.2015) is limited.

Hurry up, the number of tickets at special rates is limited!

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