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28 August 2017

Belavia carried the two millionth passenger from the beginning of 2017

On August 27, 2017 Belavia Airlines carried the two millionth passenger. Thus, at the moment the airline served 24% more passengers than within the same period last year. For the first time, Belavia celebrated the two millionth passenger on December 14, 2015.

The development of transit traffic, the purchase of new and larger airplanes, as well as the systematic reduction of tariffs and the conduct of promo campaigns over a period of three years help Belavia to increase the number of passengers on average by 20 percent per year.

“We are pleased with the growth rates of the airline’s performance. Dynamic development of Belavia became possible due to the expansion of the route network, the increase of the flights frequency and the number of transfer passengers. The acquisition of new and economy aircrafts allowed us to reduce tariffs for carriage for the current year on average by 20 percent,” - said General Director of JSC Belavia Airlines Anatoly Gusarov.

The conduct of promo campaigns allows the airline to attract on average 25 percent of new passengers who did not fly before from Minsk. Since 2015, the air carrier has carried out 7 different campaigns at the attractive tariffs for the entire Belavia route network.
There is also an increase in the number of foreign passengers, both in transit and those traveling to Minsk from Europe. For foreign tourists with a five-day entry to the Republic of Belarus, the airline has developed a special tariff, the cost of which from Europe to Minsk is below the minimum tariff.

“We try to take into account the wishes of our customers and improve the level of service in accordance with their expectations. Since the beginning of this year, we have resumed providing on-board catering on all flights of the airline, we have significantly improved the work of the call center through the introduction of new IT technologies. We also offered free transportation of sports equipment in the winter season 2016-2017, etc. Furthermore, we try to support projects aimed at promoting Belarus abroad and attracting tourists to our country,” - summed up Anatoly Gusarov.

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