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20 October 2017

Belavia Announces the Name of the Designer of the New Crew Uniform

     On October 19, 2017 Belavia-Belarusian Airlines summed up the results of the designers contest for the development of the flight and cabin crew uniform concept. The Airline jointly with the Web portal TUT.BY announced this contest in March, 2017 as one of the stages of the rebranding of the Airline.
     Belavia unveiled a new corporate style in August, 2016. So, the new element of the Airline was a “cornflower”, which is a traditional Belarusian flower. It is considered that it has been a symbol of purity, friendliness and amiability for as long as anyone can remember.
     As you know, pilots and flight attendants are the face of the Airline who form and maintain its image, so the main requirement for the new crew uniform was aesthetically beautiful and comfortable design that would reflect not only the overall style of the Belavia brand, but also emphasize the individuality of the employees.
     A total of 28 works were sent to the contest. 15 works that met the requirements of the contest were selected and presented on the Web portal TUT.BY. Then, by means of a user voting, 5 finalists were selected. The best of the finalists was determined by a professional jury, which included the representatives of the Airline, PR-manager of the Web portal TUT.BY Maria Vasilyeva, as well as Minsk restaurateur Vadim Prokopiev.
     When we started working on the new uniform, we wanted to not just give credit to the fashion, but to unveil the design that would reflect the company’s basic principles such as dynamism, efficiency and reliability. Designers actively participated in the contest and demonstrated their vision of the flight crew uniform. In our opinion, such a cooperation has allowed us to keep up with the times and has given the opportunity for young designers to demonstrate their potential. We are very satisfied with the participants’ activity and contest results. We plan to continue to actively involve the Belarusians in the development of the Airline,” said acting Director General of Belavia-Belarusian Airlines Gleb Parhamovich.
     The winner of the contest was the team of the women’s clothing and footwear brand MUA in the name of its founder Daria Solovyova. The concept of the future uniform that was presented by the author not only reflects the modern spirit of the brand, but also meets the requirements and functional characteristics of the flight crew.
     The winner’s concept became a logical continuation of the external change of the Airline. The design includes all shades of the sky that are grey, spring blue, summer cornflower and airy white shades.
     Participation in the contest for the development of the uniform was a colossal experience and challenge for the team of the MUA brand. To dress people who will be the face of the country is a very high goal, since the flight crew and its image are an open and the most honest PR campaign. It is very important that the contest became public and allowed everyone to contribute to the development of Belavia image and consequently the image of our country. This victory in the contest is a great joy and the result of hard work not only of the MUA team, but also all Belavia employees who have made a brilliant project worthy of continuation in the name of other Belarusian companies,” – said Daria Solovyova, the founder of the MUA brand.
     Based on the chosen concept, a complete set of clothes for flight and cabin crews will be developed. In general, the flight attendant and pilot uniform should include more than 40 items, and specifically jacket, vest, blouse / shirt, skirt / trousers, cap, apron, neck scarf, etc. Coat and hat are provided for the winter season and raincoat is provided for the summer season.
     The development and implementation of the new uniform is expected by the end of 2018.
     The design of the current uniform of the Airline flight crew was developed by Chief Art Director of the OAO Fashion Center in 2012. The current uniform was put into operation in 2013.


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