Belavia news

08 December 2017

Air-Technical Base (ATB) Specialists Conduct Aircrafts C-Check

In the first week of December, for the first time, specialists of the Airline’s Air-Technical Base have mastered the base maintenance of the CRJ-100 (EW-100PJ) aircraft in the C-check volume.

In accordance with the performance of the calendar work, a set of standard work was carried out in relation to the detailed inspection of the aircraft structure that is the work on nondestructive testing of the airframe construction components and aircraft components, repair and restoration work on the aircraft structure and interior of the passenger compartment.

Additionally, specialists of the Aviation Engineering Service have carried out a labor-intensive modification of the aircraft anti-icing system to increase the safety level during aircraft operation in winter, which allows to use the heating of the leading edge on the ground to avoid the icing formation.


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