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09 April 2018

Belavia signs aircraft lease agreement with nordic aviation capital

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines is pleased to announce that it has signed a lease agreement for five Embraer aircraft with Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC), the leading regional aircraft leasing company in the world.

Under the terms and conditions of the agreements, Belavia will receive five new aircraft; three Embraer-195’s and two Embraer-175’s. The delivery of the first three aircraft, two E195’s and one Е175, is expected as early as April 2019. The two remaining aircraft will be delivered in December 2019 and in April 2020, respectively.

The new aircraft will be delivered in Belavia’s current two-class configuration. The E175 aircraft is designed to carry up to 76 passengers, with 12 business class seats and 64 economy class seats, while the E195 aircraft is configured to carry up to 107 passengers with 11 business class seats and 96 economy class seats.

The lease agreements offer Belavia the opportunity to manage its fleet crew with flexibility by regulating it in accordance with air traffic demand and volume.

“We are delighted to further extend our partnership with Belavia on the placement of five additional new aircraft. We endorse Belavia for their strong leadership in regional aviation and look forward to continuously doing our best to support our valued customer for many more years to come” said Martin Møller, Chairman of NAC. 

“The medium-haul passenger aircraft, Embraer-175 and Embraer-195, are placed between a capacious Boeing-737 and a small CRJ in the Belavia fleet. The additional aircraft is in line with the enlargement of Belavia’s flight frequency network in order to satisfy passengers’ demand” ― said Anatoly Gusarov, the General Director of Belavia-Belarusian Airlines.

“At Embraer we're impressed with Belavia's continued growth. Together with key lessor, NAC, our relationship with Belavia is helping them expand their network and frequencies with the E-Jet family," said Martyn Holmes, Vice President Europe, Russia, Central Asia & Leasing, Embraer Commercial Aviation. "Belavia's fleet will include 12 E-Jets when these five new aircraft join Belavia's ranks".

Belavia continues to increase their passenger flow. The total number of passengers carried by the Belarusian carrier reached 568,451 in the first three months of 2018 compared to 498,853 passengers carried in the same period last year. Showing a first quarter 2018 year over year traffic increase of 14%.

Belavia currently operates four aircraft of the Embraer family and, by April 2020 the fleet will comprise of 12 aircraft of the Brazilian manufacturer. The acquisition of the new aircraft is an essential part of Belavia's fleet growth initiative which will allow them to successfully implement their strategy on growth and ensure cost-effective development.

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