Belavia news

15 August 2018

Sales: 50 EUR + taxes and charges!

Cost: return tickets are EUR50 +taxes and charges.
So are you in the mood for a new trip at the attractive price?
The sales terms:

  • The sales will start at 00:01a.m. Minsk time on August 16, 2018;
  • The sales will end at 11:59 p.m. on August 16, 2018;
  • The sales are held at the website: only;
  • No sales at Belavia offices or agents;
  • The sales are effective only for direct Belavia flights;
  • The sales are effective only for regular Belavia flights. The route to/from Beirut will not participate in the sales;
  • The sales are effective both at purchasing tickets from Minsk and to Minsk, only return flights;
  • Travel time: from October 1, 2018 to December 20, 2018 (date of return on the second coupon);
  • The maximum stay period at the destination point will be 1 month;
  • Any changes to the departure time and date will not be allowed;
  • The ticket has to be used in compliance with the route order of precedence, starting from the first departure airport as referred to in the ticket. At failure to use the ticket in the first point, the seats will be cancelled along the entire route, and the passenger will not be accepted for travel in the second point; the amount paid with taxes and charges included will not be repaid to the passenger.
  • The tickets purchased at the sales, including when the promo tariff is combined with any other tariff, will not be repayable. In case the passenger refuses from the flight, the amount paid with taxes and charges included will not be repaid.
  • See the list of routes and the promo ticket cost for regular routes here. 

Please note that at unavailability of promo tickets for dates selected you may use the function Tariff Calendar in the Ticket Booking section.
The number of the promo seats is limited!