Belavia news

25 September 2018


Those lucky people who have already been to Larnaca will appreciate the fact that we will continue to perform two flights a day on Saturdays till the end of the summer timetable, i.e. till October 27, 2018.
We remind you that we have flights to Larnaca on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

We inform you that flights В2 859/860 Minsk-Larnaca-Minsk on Saturdays continue to be carried out till October 27, 2018. Thus, 2 flights to Larnaca will be performed on Saturdays until the end of the summer season.

883/884  MSQ 0820 LCA 1145/1235 MSQ 1600 (LT)
859/860  MSQ 1230 LCA 1555/1700 MSQ 2025 (LT)