Belavia news

28 March 2019

Change winter to summer or Belavia final sale in the winter flight schedule

Cost: 10 EUR + taxes and charges when purchasing one-way flight tickets, 20 EUR + taxes and charges when purchasing round-trip flight tickets.

  • Destinations: Chisinau, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Yerevan.
  • Sale period: March 28, 2019 to 23.59 (Minsk time).
  • Travel period: From March 29, 2019 to April 28, 2019, (date of return on the second coupon).
  • The sales are held for individuals only at the website: Not for corporate sale.
  • The sales are effective both at purchasing tickets from Minsk and to Minsk.
  • Any changes to the departure time and date will not be allowed.
  • The ticket has to be used in compliance with the route sequence starting from the first departure airport mentioned in a ticket. When a ticket is not used at one of the sections, seats are cancelled along the whole following route, a passenger will not be accepted for transport on the following sections. In this case paid sum including taxes and charges is not returned to the passenger.
  • The tickets purchased at a special cost including when a special fare is combined with any other fare are non-refundable. In case a passenger refuses to fly, the paid sum with taxes and charges is not returned.

The quantity of seats at the special price is limited!