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13 September 2019

Minsk National Airport Launches New Drop-off Service Together with Belavia-Belarusian Airlines

On September 16, Drop-off system, self-service bag drop by a passenger, starts to be operational in test mode. The service is available only for direct flights (not available for transit passengers).

What is Drop-off?

Drop-off is a modern convenient service that allows passengers to minimize the check-in time for a flight (Check-in starts two hours before departure) and removes the necessity for queueing, making your stay at the airport more comfortable.

At Minsk National Airport, self-service bag drop represents 10 small Drop-off kiosks mounted at existing check-in counters and comprises a uniform dedicated Drop-off zone marked with relevant signage. Self-check-in kiosks are located in the immediate vicinity for passengers’ convenience.

Where are Drop-off kiosks located at Minsk National Aitport?

Drop-off kiosks are at the check-in counters 29–38. There are 10 Drop-off kiosks in total.

How to check in your baggage at the airport on your own using Drop-off?

For self-check-in, a passenger must have a boarding pass:

  • electronic (on a phone or tablet screen);
  • paper.

You can print your boarding pass in advance via the Internet in case of online self-check-in, or get it at the self-check-in kiosk directly at the entrance to the Drop-off zone.

How to use Drop-off kiosk?

1. Having touched the screen of Drop-off kiosk, you will start to receive text instructions for completing baggage check-in procedures.
2. Put your baggage on the conveyor belt of the machine.
3. Scan a boarding pass using a scanner (or a mobile phone with a barcode on the screen).
4. Verify your flight data with the information that appears on the screen, if everything is correct, the machine will give you a baggage tag.
5. Stick the baggage tag on the handle of the suitcase. The machine will check the readability of the information and send the baggage to sorting.

If the system determines your baggage as oversized, or in the case of excess baggage, you will be asked to contact the check-in counter.

At present, only Belavia passengers can check in their baggage and only for those flights for which check-in is currently open.

The system ensures compliance with all baggage requirements established by the airline in terms of size, weight and quantity.

Please, check your hand luggage and baggage requirements in advance!
If necessary, airport staff in the Drop-off zone are ready to provide assistance and advice.

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