Belavia news

17 October 2019

Belavia-Belarusian Airlines held the ticket sale for all regular destinations

     From October 16 to 17, Belavia-Belarusian Airlines was holding a sale on the website For the first time, all regular destinations without exception were included in the promotion.
     The cost of tickets for all Belavia regular flights was 20 euros + taxes and charges for a round-trip flight, and 15 euros + taxes and charges for a one-way flight.
     More than 60 thousand seats were sold in 24 hours, and the most popular destinations were Moscow, Tbilisi and Kaliningrad. The cheapest round-trip ticket was a ticket to Moscow (Zhukovsky Airport) - 28.56 euros.
     The greatest demand among Belavia passengers was in Moscow. 4 650 seats were purchased for this flight. The second most popular destination was the Georgian capital with the ticket price of 84.14 euros for a round-trip flight. 4 294 people bought tickets for the flight to Tbilisi. Kaliningrad also entered the top three sales leaders. In total, 3 551 seats were purchased for the round-trip flight to this city at a price of 34.56 euros. The five most popular cities for travel are St. Petersburg (3 310 seats) and Nur-Sultan (2 647 seats). Tickets to/from Minsk to St. Petersburg and back cost 54.56 euros, and to Nur-Sultan - 73.65 euros.
     “We would like to thank the passengers for their activity and feedback on the promotion, for sharing the destinations to which they will travel soon. This feedback motivates us to further develop and make special offers for travel. Soon we will introduce new fares that, we hope, will please passengers who prefer to travel without baggage,” said Anatoly Gusarov, Director General of Belavia Airlines.
     Among the European destinations, the tickets for which were bought in the first 2 hours after the start of the promotion: Larnaca, Barcelona, Milan, Rome and Prague. The cost of a round-trip flight to these destinations on a promotional basis varied from 75 to 110 euros.


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