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18 November 2019

Belavia increases the limit on the size of cabin baggage and introduces branded fare system

     Since November 18, Belavia-Belarusian Airlines has introduced the new modern fare structure, which will allow passengers to choose the range of services for flight. Within the new concept, the airline increases the limit on еру size of cabin baggage from 8 to 10kg.
     Baggage-free fares will be available in the new fare system. The number of seats and the cost of air tickets in different fare brands will vary depending on the capacity of an aircraft, passenger traffic and other factors. The difference between the cost of a flight without baggage and the minimum cost of a round-trip ticket with baggage will be up to 65 euro depending on a destination. Thus, for instance, the minimum cost of a round-trip ticket without baggage to Kaliningrad will start with 85 euro (the previous minimum price for air travel with baggage started and stayed at the moment with 115 euro), cost of round-trip ticket without baggage from Minsk to Prague will start with 166 euro (the previous minimum price for air travel with baggage – starting with          204 euro, now – with 191 euro), cost of round-trip ticket without baggage from Minsk to Kiev will start with 109 euro (the previous minimum price for air travel with baggage – 134 euro, now – 139 euro).
     All fares of the airline are divided into five groups: “Promo”, “Light”, “Smart”, “Flex” and “Business”.
     The “Promo” and “Light” fare brands will suggest the most affordable air tickets. Both brands make it possible to transport only cabin baggage weighing no more than 10kg for free. If the baggage needs to be purchased, the carriage cost of one suitcase is reduced from 50 to 25 euros for the above-mentioned brands.
      The fares of the “Smart” group already include free transportation of not only one piece of cabin baggage weighing up to 10 kg, but also checked baggage weighing up to 23kg. The “Smart” fares also provide for the possibility of free pre-selection of certain categories of seats on board the aircraft.
      In addition to free transportation of cabin baggage, the conditions of the “Flex” fare include free transportation of one piece of baggage weighing up to 32kg. The service of pre-selection of a seat in the cabin, as well as changes in the date of departure and ticket return are provided free of charge.
     The “Business” fare includes the largest number of services: free transportation of two pieces of cabin baggage weighing no more than 10kg each and two pieces of checked baggage weighing up to 32kg each, free pre-selection of a seat on board and the opportunity to change and return a ticket before and after departure. In addition, for the passengers traveling at the “Business” fare, the airline offers priority boarding, service in the business lounge and a separate check-in counter.
     Sports equipment is transported at no extra charge in accordance with the current rules of the airline at the fares of the “Smart”, “Flex” and “Business” groups.

     “We try to meet the wishes and demands of our passengers, based on the best international experience. The main purpose of such major changes is to give passengers the opportunity to choose the most attractive travel option. We are sure that the majority of our passengers are already familiar with this concept from their experience with many foreign airlines. “Belavia” will continue to expand the range of services offered to passengers”, said Anatoly Gusarov, Director General of JSC Belavia-Belarusian Airlines.
     The new fare rules apply to the tickets purchased from November 18 within the new fare concept. For the tickets purchased earlier, the rules applicable at the time of purchase of a ticket apply. At the same time, the new rules regarding the size of every piece of cabin baggage will apply to all tickets from November 18, 2019.
     Within a short testing period, the airline will closely monitor the prompt correction of possible errors, taking into account the experience gained, make additions and changes to the functioning of the new concept.
     Please note that cabin baggage cannot be checked in at baggage-free fares. In this regard, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in advance with the rules for the carriage of cabin baggage, which remain the same: it is forbidden to carry all sharp, cutting and piercing objects, explosives, compressed and liquefied gases. It is allowed to carry liquids with a total volume of 1 liter in packages of not more than 100ml in cabin baggage. You can find more information about baggage rules in the “Your Baggage” section on


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