Belavia news

18 March 2020

Restriction of entry into the European Union until 16.04.2020

     From 18.03.2020 the EU Member States decided to limit all secondary travel for third country nationals, including Belarusians, to 16.04.2020, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
     In connection with the decision of the EU member-states, Belavia will change the departure date or make a refund to passengers, banned from entering the EU and purchasing tickets to the EU countries with the period of flight until 16.04.2020.
     A refund or change of the departure date for the canceled flights can be made until 31.12.2020.
     You will be able to contact the ticket offices, airline representative offices, as well as the support service on this issue at any time until the end of 2020, you do not need to do this right now, all your ticket information is stored in our system, so you can contact us after the expected date of flight by giving your ticket number.
     You can change your flight date only once.
     You have a few months to think about when you want to fly on this ticket next time.

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