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24 July 2020

The change of conditions of reissuing of tickets

Dear passengers,

we get a lot of questions about the possibility to change the travel date and itinerary in case of flight cancellation and we understand your concern for the absence of clarity in the situation of spread of the pandemic. For its part, Belavia-Belarusian Airlines does everything possible so that your flight takes place that is why from now on till March 30, 2021 you can change the date of the flight or the itinerary within one zone of the program “Belavia- Lider” without additional charges for the period of travel till December 31, 2021.

Pay your attention that passengers can:

  • once change the date of the flight without additional charges in case of flight cancellation;


  • once change the flight itinerary without any charges within one bonus zone of the program “Belavia- Lider”. The list of routes and the levels of the bonus zones can be found here. The change of the travel directions is possible only in cases of flight cancellation, if the change of the itinerary corresponds to the rules of the chosen tariff.

Changes in the air tickets can be made till March 30, 2021 inclusively.

In case of refusal from flight on account of official ban on entrance/ exit it is necessary to inform the agent at the place of ticket purchasing or the Airlines support service about the necessity to annul the seats on the flight before the flight departure. In this case a passenger can change the date of departure or the itinerary with the stated rules.

To get the information about the conditions of entry into the country or about the terms of quarantine and self-isolation, please, contact specialized departments of the country of arrival.

How to change the departure date?

The exchange of the ticket can be made at the sales offices or online.

To change the departure date via the Internet it is necessary:

More detailed rules of changing of the date can be found here.

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