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01 February 2021

Changing of conditions for reissuing of tickets

In connection with the cessation of regular flights to some destinations, Belavia is making changes to the rules for reissuing of air tickets. At present passengers can change the departure date or the flight route within one zone of the Belavia Lider program without any additional charges until June 30, 2021.

The following rules are applied for the following directions:

  • Minsk - Sochi - Minsk
  • Minsk - Krasnodar - Minsk
  • Minsk – Nizhny Novgorod - Minsk
  • Minsk – Rostov-on-Don - Minsk
  • Minsk - Kazan - Minsk
  • Minsk - Kaliningrad - Minsk
  • Minsk – St. Petersburg - Minsk
  • Minsk - Moscow - Minsk
  • Minsk - Riga - Minsk
  • Minsk - Ashkhabat - Minsk

Pay your attention that for the tickets that are not included in the mentioned above routes sectors, the deadline for applying for making changes remains the same – until March 31, 2021.

Please, pay your attention that according to the existing rules the passengers can:

  • once change the date of the flight without additional charges in case of flight cancellation;
  • and/or once change the route without additional charges within bonus zone of the Belavia Lider program. The list of destinations and levels of premium zones can be found here. Changing of the travel directions is possible only in cases of flight cancellation, if the change of the route corresponds to the rules of the chosen tariff.

How is it possible to make changes to the air ticket?

The ticket exchange is possible at sales offices/online.

To change the date and/or the route of flight via the Internet it is necessary:

To get more information on changing the date, please, follow the link.

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