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16 March 2021

Belavia unveiled the mobile application

Today Belavia Belarusian Airlines unveiled its own mobile application. Now there is no necessity to visit a site in order to purchase a ticket and to check-in for a flight as all the operations can be performed by choosing the necessary icon on the phone screen. The functionality of the application will allow passengers quickly to find and buy flight tickets without being geographically tied to Belavia ticket offices or the website The new mobile app of the company can be downloaded in AppStore and Google Play.

To purchase tickets, it is necessary to fill in the information about the city of departure, the city of arrival, the dates of the flight and the number of passengers. The system will provide the list of results responding to the specified criteria, and the user will be able to choose the suitable flight from the list of available ones. Having selected the tariff and the cost of the flight, it is necessary to enter the information and the contact information about the passengers, and then go to the payment screen. After the successful purchase of a ticket or tickets, the user will receive an email payment confirmation to the specified email address.

Moreover, the application provides the opportunity to check-in for a flight online, which significantly speeds up the process of airport check-in. This must be done no earlier than 24 hours and no later than 2 hours before the departure time. For the majority of regular flights in the Belavia route network, users of the application will be able to receive the mobile boarding cards with a QR code.

This is the basic version of a mobile application of the Airlines. In the future, the number of available functions are planned to be increased. Among them there is the possibility to scan a passport for quick entry of data on passengers, access to the personal account of a member of the loyalty program “Belavia Lider” and others.

This is the basic version of the airline's mobile app. There are plans to increase the number of available features in the future. Among them: the ability to scan a passport for quick entry of passenger data, access to the personal account of a member of the loyalty program "Belavia Leader" and others.

The application was developed by EPAM specialists as part of the EPAM Engineering Jam volunteer initiative – a hackathon during which the participants offer their ideas for improving of existing or creating new services. The general idea that unites all Engineering Jam hackathons is “ït’s time to do it”. They accumulate ideas that, in the opinion of the developers, will make the life of Belarusians more convenient. The team of volunteers has been working on the application for about 1,5 years: since the beginning of the pandemic the development was suspended, and now the EPAM team is ready to unveil the result of their work. The further work on the application will continue: the team still has a lot of ideas for improving the service.

“The presence of a mobile application is an important step in the development of the service of the Airlines. Clearly, we have planned for a long time to develop a platform which will simplify the check-in for passengers and will make the other services of the Airlines more accessible. EMAP specialists told the news that at the hackathon of social projects the idea of creating of an application for Belavia came up. I talked to the team of developers on hackathon, consulted them: I told them how our infrastructure works, what opportunities for users can be provided via the application. And now we are ready to show it to our passengers. Undoubtedly, the installation of the application will simplify the process of ticket purchasing and reduce the time of service at the airport that check-in for flight takes. We always try to improve, develop our service and provide the maximum comfort for our passengers at all stages of the trip. We are grateful to EPAM staff for their help in application development”, commented Igor Cherginets, the general director of the Airlines.

The first version is already available for downloading in AppStore and Google Play.

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