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24 March 2021

Pilots and technical personnel of the airline were trained for a new type of aircraft

In early April, the Belavia fleet will be replenished with a new aircraft Boeing 737-8. In this regard, the aviation team and technical personnel of the airline are trained in the operation and maintenance of this aircraft.

The contract for supply of aircrafts Boeing 737-8 was signed on July 17, 2018 between Belavia-Belarusian Airlines and Air Lease Corporation. Immediately after signing the contract, the airline began thorough training of employees.

Pilot training

After concluding the contract with Boeing, the Belavia aviation team was provided with a list of certified centers. Boeing instructors who participated in testing aircraft Boeing 737-8, flew on this aircraft, trained airline's pilots on certified simulators in Istanbul and took an exam for admission to handling of this type of aircraft.

"We began preparations for acceptance of the aircraft about one and a half to two years ago. First, we studied the theory on our base. One may say that the most important aspect of training is flight safety. We pay a lot of attention to pilot training: we study theory here, pass testing through Oxford and Boeing. The manufacturer requests data for each pilot, and as a rule, only pilots-in-command with flight experience of more than 15,000 flying hours are permitted to operate; these pilots-in-command are the best of the best. Then, contracts are concluded with training centers; training programs are approved by the Aviation Department and agreed with Boeing. Only after that, pilots go to Istanbul, where they pass all the tests and receive an online certificate," said Oleg Saltovsky, commander of the Belavia aviation team.

In 2018-2019, the aviation team was trained for the operation of aircraft Boeing 737-8. Training includes study of operating principles of all aircraft systems. For each topic there are classes on a separate simulator.

In February 2021, the airline's instructors and pilots underwent retraining for a new type of aircraft, once again confirming their readiness for its operation.

Training of technical personnel

From January to March, 2019, in the training center of Boeing manufacturer (Seattle, USA), the airline's engineering and technical personnel completed theoretical and practical training for a new type of aircraft, as well as training how to start Boeing 737-8 aircraft engines. Theoretical and practical training was completed by 36 employees; training in starting engines was completed by 6 employees.

Also in June 2019, in the CFM training center (Paris, France), 7 employees of the airline were trained in linear and basic maintenance of aircraft engines.

It should be noted that engineers and aircraft technicians underwent additional training in the operation of this type of aircraft, confirming their readiness to operate this aircraft. After Boeing received permission to return to commercial operation of Boeing 737-8 aircraft, 36 employees of the aviation technical base passed advanced training courses for this type of aircraft.

The last stage of preparation for obtaining a new aircraft will be an additional practical training of engineering and technical personnel in the training center of Boeing manufacturer (Seattle, USA).

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