Belavia news

27 May 2021

Belavia canceled flights to 8 countries

Due to flight bans from a number of countries, Belavia is forced to cancel flights from 27 May to 30 October 2021 to the following destinations:

  • Warsaw;
  • Milan;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Rome;
  • Frankfurt;
  • Berlin;
  • Munich;
  • Hannover;
  • Vienna;
  • Brussels;
  • Barcelona;
  • Kaliningrad.

Passengers may change their departure date or refund the full fare within one year of purchase for unused and partially used tickets. To issue a refund, go to the place where the tickets were purchased.

If you have purchased a ticket on and want to change the date it is necessary:

We regret that our passengers have had to face this situation for reasons beyond the airline's control and we promise to do our best to resolve it.

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