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18 June 2021

Belavia has taken out of operation its first Boeing 737-500

On October 15, 2003 the new era of Belavia development began – the fleet of the airline was enlarged with the first western-made aircraft. It was the Boeing 737-500. The famous “five hundred” aircraft received the EW-250PA serial number and has worked for the airline for 17 years. In June 2021, in accordance with the plan of the airline fleet modernization the aircraft was taken out of operation.

The aircraft of the Boeing 737 family is considered to be one of the most successful and popular passenger aircraft in the world. And the Boeing 737-500 model is the improved classic version (in comparison with the base model Boeing 737-300 of Classic series, it is more compact, but along with this it has the increased flying range – up to 4444 km).

In the fleet of Belavia, the Boeing under the number EW-250PA has performed 17596 flights and has flown for 30739 hours. During its operation the aircraft has consumed 67 625 800 kg of aviation fuel – in average 2000-2300 kg per flight hour. The maintenance of the Boeing 737-500 was routinely made 133 times, proving its reputation of a reliable aircraft. For Belavia, EW-250PA was the first aircraft that could perform an automatic landing - this gave the ability to land in much more difficult meteorological conditions, and, therefore, to fly without disruption to the schedule.

The configuration of this aircraft was comfortable and unique: 10 seats in business class and 94 seats in economy class. Only EW-250PA had such configuration. Therefore, the flight geography of the “five hundred” aircraft was extensive and correspondent to all regular routes of the airline. For flight competitions teams of Belarusian sportsmen preferred EW-250PA.

After the taking of the aircraft EW-250PA out of operation the average age of the fleet decreased from 9.35 to 8.9. Certainly, it is the excellent performance. New aircraft in the fleet of Belavia are much eco-friendlier and more economical, but we will always be tremblingly remembering this Boeing. It has he who brought the airlines to a new stage.

At present, there is only one Boeing 737-500 left in the fleet of Belavia – with the number EW-290PA. It is planned to be taken out of operation by the end of 2021.

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