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03 December 2021

About the work of Belavia in the changed conditions

For six months already, Belavia Belarusian Airline has been forced to work in the challenging conditions: more restrictions on flights to a number of countries were added in addition to the flight restrictions relating to the spread of COVID-19. To meet the nearest and dearest and to have a rest, our passengers have to look for alternative ways of traveling to the countries, where the airline is no longer able to operate direct flights.

The imposing of new restrictions causes among people more and more anxiety and questions connected with the further work of Belavia. Today the airline works in the difficult conditions, and every day nearly two thousands of employees expend some effort to reduce the level of anxiety and to take their passengers safely to other countries.

In connection with the imposing of restrictions, the airline was forced to reduce its aircraft fleet. At present, the fleet of Belavia consists of 15 aircraft, which is quite enough to operate all the scheduled flights during the winter season – both regular ones and charter flights. For the summer season, Belavia plans to replenish the fleet by acquiring of ownership of aircraft as well as concluding leasing agreements with companies that are not EU residents.

The winter schedule has been formed. As before, in the process of work and analyzing the workload of flights, point adjustments, related to the optimization of aircraft rotation and the construction of an optimal docking base, can be made to the schedule throughout the season. The vast majority of flights will be operated according to the schedule. In individual cases of changes in the schedule, the passengers of regular flights are warned about this personally, in cases of changing the schedule of charter flights, the flight charterer is informed. 

It is not worth getting excited: the restrictions imposed will not affect the ability to operate flights that are already planned in the current schedule. You can safely plan your winter holidays. There is no risk of getting stuck in a foreign country. The countries to which the flights are now operated are open for Belavia, the new restrictions will not affect their availability, the flights will be operated in accordance with the schedule.

We receive a lot of questions about whether the price of tickets will be changed in the current situation. The price of air tickets changes dynamically and it depends on the current and expected load of flights, on the demand for air transportation in a certain direction and on other factors. In connection with the situation the price of flights will not be changed. 

When planning the flight schedule for summer period 2022, the airline takes into account the actual number of aircraft in the fleet.
We work hard to meet your expectations.

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