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08 April 2022

Flight cancellation and the changes in the flight schedule (updates)

Taking into account the closure of a part of the airspace of Russia for civil aviation flights, Belavia Belarusian Airline is forced to adjust the flight schedule in the coming days.

According to the planned schedule, the flights are operated on the following routes: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tashkent, Nur-Sultan, Kazan, Ekaterinburg. 

According to the changed schedule, the flights are planned to be operated on the following routes:

  • Minsk – Istanbul – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Tbilisi – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Batumi – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Kutaisi – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Yerevan – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Baku – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Almaty – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Sochi – Minsk,
  • Minsk – Dubai – Minsk.

The flights on the route Minsk-Tel-Aviv-Minsk and Minsk-Krasnodar-Minsk have been suspended until the lifting of the flight bans in the area of the Rostov Zonal Air Traffic Management Center of the Russian Federation.

Passengers, holding tickets for cancelled flights, will be notified through contacts provided to the airline when booking the ticket or through agents.

The airline exerts maximum efforts to notify the passengers of the changes via SMS notifications, however, please check the status of the flights and the time of the flight on the website of the airline in the Booking Status section.

Passengers of the cancelled flights can change the date of the flight or refund the cost of air tickets without deductions during the period of ticket validity*. The refund can be made at the place of purchase of the ticket.

The Airline follows the course of events in the region and will promptly inform passengers about the changes in the flight schedule. The Airline expresses regret for the current situation and offers it apologies to passengers.

* 1 year from the date of purchase for fully unused tickets
* 1 year form the date of departure for the first flight coupon for partially used tickets.

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