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09 September 2022

Belavia reduced flight time on some regular and charter flights

Belavia has obtained authorization from the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) to fly south via Volgograd and Astrakhan (previously the route was through Kazakhstan).

What does this mean for passengers?

Due to the reduction of the overflying area, the travel time on some flights has decreased.

For example:
🔹Minsk-Istanbul – by 45 minutes.
🔹Minsk-Sochi – by 25 minutes.
🔹Minsk-Yerevan – by 30 minutes.

Return flights have become shorter by an average of 15 minutes.

The flight time on charter flights in the directions Minsk-Antalya-Minsk and Minsk-Bodrum-Minsk is also reduced.

The flight time is reduced by approximately:

🔹Minsk-Antalya – by 30 minutes. The flight time for the route Antalya-Minsk will remain the same.
🔹Minsk-Bodrum – by 25 minutes.
🔹Bodrum-Minsk – by 20 minutes.

The time indicated is approximate, since many factors affect the duration of the flight, in particular, weather conditions.

Please note: if you are flying on a charter flight, you should contact tour operators for all questions related to the flight.

You can verify the current schedule on the airline’s website.

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