Belavia news

16 September 2022

From September 16, Belavia is able to fly to Egypt without a technical landing

This became possible due to the permission received from Russian Aviation to fly in southern directions through the territory of the Russian Federation. However, the flight reduction will not affect all the flights yet.

Remind you, that after the closure of part of the airspace of Russia on February 24, 2022, Belavia operates flights to Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh overflight, which affected the length of the route and caused the need for a technical landing for refueling.

Now, having received the permission from Russian Aviation, Belavia will be able to operate flights along the “more straight route”. Estimated travel time is about 7 hours.

Please pay your attention, that on flights without a technical landing, the payload is limited, i. e. the number of passengers and luggage carried. Therefore, the flights with load already exceeding the maximum allowable load for a non-stop flight, will continue to be operated with a technical landing (this is necessary for comfortable delivery to rest and home of all the tourist, who have purchased tickets).

Another important point: the limitation of the maximum payload on direct flights entails a reduction of luggage allowance. Despite some restrictions, non-stop flights will make vacation in Egypt resorts more attractive and affordable for Belarusian tourists.
When planning a vacation in Egypt, check all the information about flight details with tour operators.

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