Belavia news

01 March 2023

Belavia has changed the rules for the transport of sports equipment

Starting today, the additional fee for the carriage of 1 set of sports equipment (in accordance with the table) for the PROMO and LIGHT tariffs is 50€, for the SMART brand - 25€. For "FLEX" and "BUSINESS" tariffs, no fee is charged for this service.

Other sports equipment is transported with a surcharge of 50€ for each set in all fare brands.

  • For each additional set of sports equipment, a fee of 50€ per set is charged (in all fare brands);
  • The maximum weight of one set of sporting equipment must not exceed 23 kg, and the maximum sum of all dimensions cannot exceed 210 cm. For each excess of weight and dimensions a fee of 50€ shall apply.
  • The new rules will apply to tickets issued from March 1, 2023.
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