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05 March 2023

Belavia turns 27. Take a promo code for a discount

If you have’t visited our site today we recommend that you do so. The magic happens there: using the promo code 27BELAVIA you can buy a ticket with a 27% discount on the fare (the discount does not apply to taxes and charges included in the ticket price).

The peculiarity of the promo code is that it is applied to all economy class fare brands on any Belavia regular flight. Choose a convenient flight and a suitable fare - and go!

The number of promo codes: 100 thousand.

You can use the promo code only today (until 00:00). It is valid when buying tickets for all regular flights. The travel period is from March 6 to April 21.

Seems like a good reason to indulge in the purchase of air tickets.

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