Belavia news

12 May 2023

From May 15, Belavia changes its rules for carrying hand luggage

1. Suit bags and goods bought in Duty Free shops will no longer be carried out in addition to hand luggage. Such things should be packed in the already existing hand luggage or checked in as baggage. At the same time, if you are flying without hand luggage, you can carry a suit bag in the cabin.

2. Blue and green tags will appear on hand luggage. Passengers will receive them at the check-in or upon arrival for boarding.

Hand luggage is marked with tags depending on the type of its accommodation in the cabin:

  • Blue tag – at a suitcase on wheels or a large bag. The hand luggage allowance is not more than 10 kg, the dimensions should not exceed the 55x40x25 cm parameters. It is placed on the upper luggage racks in the aircraft cabin.
  • Green tag – at backpacks and handbags. The norms should not exceed 5 kg and 40x30x10 cm dimensions. Such hand luggage is placed under the front seat.

The changes are related not only to international safety requirements on board. They are also being introduced for the comfort of passengers: marking the hand luggage will allow you to optimally distribute things in the cabin and avoid overloading the luggage racks.

As before, flight attendants will ensure that the hand luggage is properly stowed on board. If there are free places on the luggage racks of the aircraft, the flight attendant may offer to place there the hand luggage marked with a green tag.

We remind you that it is strictly prohibited to place hand luggage in the aisles or in front of/ near the emergency exits.

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