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11 September 2023

Online check-in, seat selection and award ticketing are available again

Belavia continues to resume services that were suspended due to the transition to the new Leonardo air ticket booking platform. Let us recall that the transition began on September 1 at 20.00 and ended on September 2 at 15.00.
The restoration of the airline’s services is going step by step.
On September 2, the following services became already available:

  • Purchase of air ticket for direct and connecting flights of Belavia. Booking is possible on the website, at Belavia sales offices, representative offices and agents.
  • Important: when booking on the website, ticket availability is displayed only in case if the flight is scheduled on the date you specify. If there is no flight, the system will not automatically suggest another day of the week. You have to enter the alternative date yourself by starting the search again. This situation is temporary, airline’s specialists are working on making the choice of flights more convenient.
  • Change the date of departure. Available at Belavia sales offices, representative offices and agents.
  • Refund of air ticket. Available at the place of ticket purchase.

Purchase of additional services:

  • Carriage of additional baggage is available on the website and at Belavia sales offices, representative offices and agents.
  • Carriage of special categories of baggage, transportation of unaccompanied minors, transportation of animals - available at Belavia sales offices, representative offices and agents.

Today, September 11, the following services were resumed:

  • Online check-in (with the possibility to choose a seat). Available 24 hours before the flight departure.
  • Preliminary selection of a seat in the aircraft cabin. The service is available for flights departing from September 15. You can make a preliminary selection on the website and at the airline’s sales offices, as well as through agents no later than 48 hours before the departure.
  • Issuance of award tickets of Belavia Leader program at sales offices (with the exception of the upgrading the class of service using points, this option is in the testing stage).

The services we are working on resuming:

  • Payment by means of the RASCHET payment system.
  • Access to the personal account of the Belavia Leader program, selection of seats in a cabin for elite levels participants. Award tickets issuance under Belavia Leader program online.
  • Sale of air tickets with the participation of partner airlines on the website.

Follow the news! We will promptly inform when the next services will be restored.

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