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19 February 2024

Holi, Festival of Colors, is coming soon in Delhi, magnolias and almonds will bloom in Tashkent and Astana... And in Belavia there are special prices for these routes!

Are you still sure that Monday is a tough day? Then read the good news: we are again giving routes at the lowest fare – PROMO!

Prices for these destinations will be reduced throughout the week until February 25, inclusive. So...

  • Minsk-Delhi

    From 199 EUR – one-way, round-trip – from 299 EUR.

    It's the tourist season in India! And on March 25, Holi, one of the most colorful holidays in the world, will be here!

  • Minsk-Astana

    From 139 EUR – one-way, round-trip – from 239 EUR.

    Soon Kazakhstan will be enveloped in a white-pink cloud: this is how the apricot blooms. It's definitely worth a look!

  • Minsk-Tashkent

    From 129 EUR — one-way, round-trip – from 249 EUR.

    By the way, it's +15 °C in March in Tashkent and it's also the flowering season. Imagine: you are having fragrant pilaf for lunch and admiring violets, almond buds or mountain tulips...

Of course, we have not forgotten about transit passengers. This week special prices are for tickets from Delhi, Astana and Tashkent via Minsk to:

  • Moscow
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Kaliningrad
  • Sochi
  • Kazan

The PROMO fare is valid for both one-way and round-trip flights.

Travel period:

  • For direct flights: until April 25, 2024
  • For transit: until March 31, 2024

Conditions for buying tickets are on the website Be sure to read it: there's not much there.

Allow yourself a vacation! Especially if you are exhausted!