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Advertising services

Belavia Belarusian Airlines has exclusive advertising spaces to put up your enterprise’s advertisement. The main advantage of our medium compared to advertising in press, on radio or TV is the duration and steadiness of the contact with the audience- with young, educated, active people, including those in the sphere of purchases, with the income level above the average, moreover, who are ready for perception of advertising messages.

The advertisement on the air tickets’ envelopes.

Air tickets’ envelopes are given to the passengers in the ticket office of the airline for the execution of the air ticket or itinerary/receipt of the e-ticket. Envelopes are distributed in the offices of the airline on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. A passenger who acquired a ticket long before the departure may obtain an advertising message that is printed on the envelope.

There are 2 advertising areas: 210 mm x 115 mm and 210 x 75 mm.

The minimum quantity is 5000 pieces (the distribution period is from 1 to 2 months).

The advertisement in the aircraft schedule booklet.

The booklet is issued on the Russian and English languages twice a year (for summer and winter periods), the format is 100 x 200 mm, the quantity of pages is 50. They are distributed free-of-charge in Belavia air transportation sales agencies, travel agencies, representatives of Belavia abroad. The number of copies is 10 000

Taking into consideration a wide free-of-charge distribution network and the necessity in this reference book among the active part of the population, this kind of advertisement is sufficiently effective.

The requests for placing the advertisement in the schedule booklet are accepted: for summer period- up to March 10, for winter period – up to October 1.

Advertisement on the boarding passes.

After check-in at the departure airport a passenger receives a boarding pass that should be kept during the entire flight. A passenger should show his boarding pass each time for passing the inspection, holds it in his arms, that ensures the 100% contact with the advertising module. In the follows the passenger may leave a coupon of the boarding pass as a business card with the information of the advertiser. The minimum quantity to be ordered is 100 000 pieces (the period of distribution is from 1 to 3 months)

The advertisement on the headrests of the aircraft.

The advertisement on the headrest can be seen by every person. The advertisement, printed on the elongated headrest is clearly visible for every passenger, seating in front of the chair. This type of advertisement is characterized by its unobtrusiveness, but high effectiveness as 80-90% of their flight time the passengers are staying on their seats and their attention is focused on the outside situation.

The maximum sizes of the advertising area are 250 x 90 mm.

Distribution: 700 000 a year

The quantity of copies to be ordered: not less than 50 000

The advertisement on the air ticket:

The number of printed copies is 100 000, the sizes of the advertising area are 200 x 100 mm

The advertisement on the refreshing towels.

Refreshing towels, also packages of sugar and other items used by the passengers during the food intake unobtrusively demonstrates your advertisement for the potential clients.

The quantity of pieces is not less than 100 000 (the distribution period is from 1 to 2 months).

The size of the advertising area is 115x 75 mm.

Stickers on the passengers’ folding tables.

Stickers may be placed both on the internal and the external sides of the passenger’s folding tables. The advertisement on the internal side is visible when the passenger opens it, and on the external side can easily seen by every person. It is possible to place your advertisement on the luggage cupboards and on the food serving carts.

Distribution of the booklets, advertising pamphlets in the ticket offices and on the board.

It is a good way to introduce yourself or your product. Also, you have a chance to distribute it in the representatives abroad.

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