Belavia news

20 May 2020

Refund for tickets

Dear passengers,

Specialists of the Airlines do everything possible to help you in a prompt manner. At present the support service is overloaded and primarily brings services to those who is flying in the nearest 72 hours. We hope for your understanding and ask to postpone the appeal if it is not urgent.

It is possible to refund the money and to change the date of flights for cancelled flights until December 31, 2020.While applying for refund, please, send at once the application for refund. It allows to pass on directly to filling out without any additional questions from specialists during letter processing.

At first you get an automatic answer, then our specialists process all the applications and refund the money in order of precession. The application is considered to be accepted for processing only after the reply by a specialist, then it is necessary to wait for transfer of funds.

Dear passengers, if you have already sent the request, please, do not duplicate it, our specialists necessarily will do the refund or exchange the date of the flight as pointed in your letter but probably with a slight delay in connection with the hype. We do everything possible to comply with all the requests as soon as possible.

We monitor the situation and regularly update the information on the page about the situation with COVID-19.

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