Rail and Fly

Within the framework of cooperation between JSC Belavia-Belarusian Airlines and German railway company (Deutsche Bahn), the airline company's passengers who have bought a flight ticket including Rail&Fly, can get by train from/to any German city to/from the German airports: Frankfurt, Hanover, Berlin and Munich.

The Rail&Fly ticket is a combined ticket that allows you to make air flight and further to travel by trains of the German railway company (Deutsche Bahn) of any type with necessary transfers.

Time limit:

You may use your Rail&Fly ticket within 24 hours before the departure of the aircraft from the German airports and within 24 hours after landing the aircraft.

The train number and time of its departure specified in the ticket are virtual connections only. The passenger may choose the route on his own.

The train schedule is available at DB Reisezentrum agencies, or on the Deutsche Bahn website: www.bahn.de.

Train type:

The Rail&Fly ticket is valid for all trains ICE, IC, EC, D, IRE, RE, RB, SB (Schnelbahn).

This ticket is not valid for the Thalys trains, special trains and urban public transport (U-Bahn, Bus, Strassen-Bahn) except for transfer transportation. As well, it is not valid for the trips on private railway lines and DB/SEA (joint with transportation to German islands).

When choosing a train, you should specify the time of check-in deadline for your flight in order to arrive at the airport in advance. You are advised to arrive at the airport 2.5 hours before the flight.

Point-of-sale terminals:

You can book and buy flight tickets including Rail & Fly segments at the offices of airline "Belavia" or at travel agents.

Attention! This service is not available when booking and buying air tickets on the Belavia website. The ticket that has been bought on the Belavia website may be exchanged for a Rail&Fly document in the airline offices with an additional fee (EUR 35 for an adult passenger and EUR 15 for a child for one-way transportation in Class 2; EUR 70 for an adult passenger and EUR 30 for a child for one-way transportation in Class 1)

Service class

Depending on the applicable tariff, the ground transportation by Deutsche Bahn is of the first or second service class.

When buying the ticket, make sure that you have received the following documents:

  • Your air flight booking with a booking code (six capital Latin letters) and an electronic air ticket number (thirteen digits) which are required to collect your electronic Rail&Fly boarding pass from the site www.rail-checkin.com either for print out or as a mobile document.

    Attention: Tickets from the website: www.rail-checkin.com may be collected not earlier than 72 hours before the trip!

The following documents are required during your travel by German railway:

  • Valid Passport.
  • Electronic DB ticket from the website: www.rail-checkin.com (printed out or as mobile version on the smartphone screen).

Change of booking and refund:

  • If you decide to change the date of travel, you need to make booking again.

    If you have already collected the Rail&Fly boarding pass, refund/rebooking is not possible.

    ATTENTION! The train tickets that have been registered are not subject to return; and they may not be compensated.

If you are not able to present your Rail&Fly boarding pass to the conductor, please inform him that you are Rail&Fly passenger and ask for a “Fahrpreisnacherhebung”. You will then be asked to contact Deutsche Bahn per chat to solve the issue. If this is not possible. In this case you should apply to the Belavia office (14A Nemiga str., Minsk) or to the Belavia agency in Germany (Belavia Airlines , Lurgialle 6-8 , 60439 Frankfurt am Main germany@belavia.by). You should submit your electronic flight ticket.

Important information