E-ticket Rail and Fly

Rail&Fly – is a combined ticket for railway transportation to an airport for a further international air flight. The provisions and terms of its use will be determined by your airline.

General provisions

  • Rail&Fly ticket is valid 24 hours before the departure from Germany and 24 hours after the arrival in Germany.
  • Rail&Fly ticket is valid for travel by all DeutscheBahn (DB) trains, as well as by City Night Line and ICE Sprinter trains, subject to the payment of an extra charge and booking.
  • Rail&Fly ticket is not valid for travel by Thalys, DB Autozug trains, special trains or transport association's trains

How to get a ticket

Visit website: www.rail-checkin.com/#/step1 no earlier than 72 hours before the flight.

  • Enter your name and ticket number (or passenger name record (PNR))
  • Select the option "Send by e-mail" or "Open in your browser window" for your Rail&Fly ticket
  • Print your ticket or save it to your smartphone.

It is easy to download the Rail&Fly electronic tickets both at home and during trips by visiting the website: www.rail-checkin.com/#/step1.

Ticket printout using the DB vending machine is not available since June 1, 2020.

Time of train arrival to airport and departure from airport

The time of train departure/arrival specified in your route documents does not always correspond to the schedule. The schedule is selected according to the passenger's needs. For the train schedule, please, contact the DB Travel Center, DB-licensed travel agency or visit the website: www.bahn.de. You should arrange your schedule in such a way to arrive at the check-in desk at least two hours before the close-out time.

Documents necessary for a trip

  • Rail&Fly ticket (must be printed before boarding the train or saved to your smartphone)
  • Flight itinerary receipt (must be issued by your booking agent)
  • Identity card and/or passport

Unused or partially used Rail&Fly ticket

If you need to change your Rail&Fly ticket that has already been registered, contact the DB Travel Center and present your new flight schedule (itinerary receipt) as well as the registered Rail&Fly ticket. On the day of the trip or not earlier than the day before, DB will confirm the Rail&Fly ticket with a new date of the trip. Note that only one change is allowed for each ticket.

We wish you a pleasant trip

Deutsche Bahn AG