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Rules of excess luggage transportation

Routes[1] Rates [2]
Zone 1: Moscow, Warsaw, Kaliningrad, Kiev, Riga, San Petersburg, Brest, Grodno, Vilnius, Vitebsk, Palanga, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Zhukovsky, Nizhniy Novgorod; EUR 5.00/ kg
Zone 2: Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Hannover, Milan, Prague, Stockholm, Sochi, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Paris, Rome, Larnax, Simferopol, Tbilisi, Batumi, Helsinki, Baku, Samara, Kutaisi, Budapest, Belgrade, Geneva, Nice, Krasnodar, Odessa, Kharkiv, Istanbul; EUR 6.00/ kg
Zone 3: Astana, Yekaterinburg, Kostanay, Pavlodar, Tel Aviv,Karaganda, Novosibirsk, Barcelona, Almaty; EUR 8.00/ kg

Between Zones

Routes[1] Rates [2]
1 and 1 (for ex., Moscow–Minsk–Warsaw) EUR 8.00/kg
1 and 2 (for ex., Moscow–Minsk–Prague) EUR 8.00/kg
1 and 3 (for ex., Moscow–Minsk–Astana) EUR 10.00/kg
2 and 2 (for ex., Prague–Minsk–Tbilisi) EUR 10.00/kg
2 and 3 (for ex., Frankfurt–Minsk–Astana) EUR 12.00/kg
3 and 3 (for ex., Barcelona–Minsk–Astana) EUR 12.00/kg


Routes[1] Rates [2]
between San Petersburg/Kaliningrad/Moscow and Baku/Batumi/Tbilisi EUR 6.00/ kg
Between Minsk and Beirut Between Beirut and Zones 1/2/3 1,5% of the highest one way tariff (for one way flight) in the economy class

From Minsk to Ashkhabad

From Ashkhabad to Minsk

EUR 4.00/ kg

USD 5.00/ kg

Between Minsk and Teheran EUR 4.00/ kg
Between Budapest and Belgrade EUR 5.00/ kg
Between Minsk and Cherepovets EUR 1.40/ kg
Between Ashkhabad/Teheran and Zones 1/2/3 EUR 8.00/ kg
Between Minsk and Tel Aviv EUR 8.00/ kg
Between Tel Aviv and Minsk USD 10.00/ kg
Between Zones 1/2/3 and Tel Aviv EUR 12.00/ kg
Between Tel Aviv and Zones 1/2/3 USD 15.00/ kg
Flights 923/924: Between Minsk and Gomel EUR 2.00/kg
Between Minsk and Kaliningrad (via Gomel) EUR 5.00/kg
Between Gomel and Kaliningrad EUR 5.00/kg
Between Gomel and Zones 1/2/3 EUR 8.00/kg
Between Minsk and Yerevan EUR 3.00/кг
Between Yerevan and Zones1/2/3, Ashkhabad/Tel Aviv/London/Manchester EUR 6.00/кг
Between London/Manchester and Yerevan GBP 10.00/кг
Between Tel Aviv and Yerevan USD 15.00/кг
Between Ashkhabad/Teheran and Yerevan EUR 8.00/ кг
  1. In case of transportation with a complicated route where two or more carriers participates the transportation cost of 1 kg of excessive luggage is calculated as 1,5% of the officially one way tariff published by the International Association of Air Transport (IATA) for the corresponding route.
  2. The tariffs indicated will be applied when the flight is performed by the Belavia.